Our Philosophy

students of Bravo! The Centre for Dance

At Bravo! The Centre for Dance students belong as members of “our” dance school family. The qualities and skills they develop while studying dance, choreography and working together in the theatre serve them for their whole lives. Knowing how important this is, each individual is encouraged to reach for his or her own full potential within the medium of Dance.

As a member of both Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB) and the Cecchetti Society of Canada (CSC), with more than 35 years of living and loving dance as a professional, I am the type of teacher who imparts my energy, enthusiasm and strong work ethic to members of Bravo! The Centre for Dance.

Our aim is to uphold the standards set by the Cecchetti Method of classical training as well as offering Modern dance, National Dance, Hip hop and Creative Movement to provide the opportunity for a well rounded dance education.

I use a “whole” approach to support the progression of each training level beyond just knowing the steps to dance. (Physical training; memory development and patterning skills; musicality and artistic expression; virtues such as patience and self-discipline).

Parents of our young dance students are valued helpers, promoting physical fitness, wise nutritional choices, encouraging commitment and investment of energy so that the dance experience can be fully enjoyed.

Miss Claire with a student

I also like fun, and include special events during the year for us: Friendship Days in October, special workshops, Parents’ Days, December performance and tea for seniors, Parents Ballroom/Latin dance events, and our fabulous June recital.

So Jump in! At Bravo you belong.

Miss Claire Pigott
Associate Diploma CICB-CSC
Studio Director

… Joyful use of the creativity within, while reaching for success!