Modern & Contemporary Dance

modern dance students

Contemporary/Modern Dance is known for its sculptural use of the body in space and its dynamic use of the weight of the body. The effect is dramatic to say the least.

Rather than trying to create an illusion of weightless ease in a fairy tale world, Modern dance began as a rejection of that classical idiom.

Danced barefoot, and using deep core muscles and the breath of the torso as prime sources of movements, modern dance resonates from the spine outward through the limbs. It allows for flexed and otherwise non-classical use of the feet and arms.

students of modern dance perform on stage

A variety of world music beats and percussion accompanies modern dance class. The sound and the feel is immediate and a sense of theatre is brought out by the technique itself.

At Bravo! The Centre for Dance, modern dance and contemporary classes draw on Martha Graham-based techniques, Limon-based techniques, and the lyrical contemporary styles of today’s generation. Some classes have prerequisites.