Adult Programmes



Adult ballet class begins with a careful warm up using matwork exercises to awaken the body’s range of motion and to engage the core muscles of the torso. Exercises at the barre and then in the centre of the room cover the basics of plie, battements, ronds de jambes, fondus, and adages. The pleasure of elegant port de bras (movements of the arms) and the lyricism of low impact travelling steps are delivered by qualified, mature teachers. A very brief jump section is followed by a stretch cool down that is the best stress buster in town. Adult Ballet Class...Just what you need!


  • Ladies - Comfortable dance leotard with a close fitting t shirt on top if you like. Pink tights or you may prefer footless tights in either black or pink. Pink ballet slippers for ladies. Hair up securely in a short pony tail or a bun.

  • Men - white or black t shirt and black footless dance leggings or stretch pants. White ballet shoes.


Modern Dance for Adults begins with a standing warm up for the spine, hips and torso, followed by seated exercises to develop deeper articulations and to improve flexibility.

We return to standing for exercises that develop balance and/or transfer of weight while using articulations of the spine. A variety of dynamics ( type of attack: smooth, sudden, swinging, or bouncy) are experienced.

We cover traveling combinations of steps that move through a variety of levels: standing, lying or sitting on the floor, bounding through the air, or gliding along the floor.

The dramatic feel of the modern class is certainly felt with the expressive shapes of the body, movement dynamics, and the interesting percussion and world music used.


  • same leotard as per ballet, but footless black or pink tights or black leggings or dance pants. Bring a pair of socks to protect the feet during seated floorwork. No shoes needed.